Feeling stuck or squeezed in your job?

And not sure what to do about it?

You have two options

1. To figure it out completely on your own: Read my blog post on "How to pick a job you'd enjoy"

2. To figure it out with my help: contact me.

Recent blog posts

They come with practical advice on how to overcome your daily challenges, reconnect with yourself, and create a meaningful life. They always tell a story, and often the story is about a struggle of mine. 

How Zainab picked a job she enjoys

“I rejected the job offer. I will give myself another 4 weeks to find a job in media I’m excited about”

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Escaping the unhappiness trap 

“They are safe, not even a scratch or a bruise. The car has flipped and has landed behind the traffic barrier” said my sister. 

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Making big personal decisions

They are just not.. objective”, said Lumi. Indeed, friends and family are not always helpful when you need objective feedback.

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Reactions to my writing

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Curious why I started helping people who feel stuck? 

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