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What Vessy does is helping you ask yourself the right questions and see more clearly what is the optimal way for your next career step. As she has been on various positions in many companies, she is confident advising on a combination of skill/role/industry. 
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Half an hour with Vessy taught me more about myself than numerous appointments with a psychologist.

Recent blog posts

They come with practical advice on how to overcome your daily challenges, reconnect with yourself, and create a meaningful life. They always tell a story, and often the story is about a struggle of mine. 

How Zainab picked a job she enjoys

“I rejected the job offer. I will give myself another 4 weeks to find a job in media I’m excited about”

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Escaping the unhappiness trap 

“They are safe, not even a scratch or a bruise. The car has flipped and has landed behind the traffic barrier” said my sister. 

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How I decide when to stay or leave a job

Over the last 9 years, I worked in 8 roles in 5 companies, reported to 15+ founders,  C-level executives, managers, directors. That’s how I realized what I value and dislike in a leader or an organization. 

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